Hey there! I have something interesting to share with you - have you heard of Samantha van der Wouden Diedricks? It's quite an intriguing name, don't you think? Let me know if you want to know more!


Okay here is a bit more ...


Sam considers herself an allegorical symbolist who believes that an image transcends representation, allowing one to reach a dimension that is holier than the original. Her work is intended to make the inner struggle visible, specifically the tug-of-war of Africa. She no longer limits herself by trying to fit into the Dutch way of representation, but instead stays true to herself by using her microscopic gaze and interest in people and nature, patterns and fractals, light and shadow, and positive and negative spaces to create unique and original works.

Sam is an avid photographer of patterns and texture, with an inherent fascination with trees and grasses, shapes and colour. She makes free use of lines in both abstract and figurative works, and her incredible ability to use colour and form with a deeper meaning for symbolism leads to her unique splash of dynamic works.

Rituals, rhythm, and symbolism define Sam's work. She was initially careful with the intrinsic emotions that arose, but with practice and technical ease, she has gained the freedom to put all the techniques together, resulting in more intensity, movement, and nuances in her work. ONE art form stimulates the use of another, which is why Sam sculpts, prints, paints, writes, sings, and dances with a particular theme or phrase in her head, expressed in her multitude of artworks.

SamShakti's artistic journey is a symbiosis of her growing up in Africa, living in the Netherlands, surviving a major car accident, and being an art and yoga teacher. Within all of this, there is a balance to be found, a certain "Amour pour la vie", a gift to be fully alive! She is a prolific artist, always in need of more time and more information, and you will find her in her studio at all times of the day and night, working passionately towards her vision.

 All her works are for sale, if interested in a private tour and price please contact the artist.